BILSTEIN 360° 4D-Co-Driver-Simulator.


Development of an experience-oriented trade fair presence with a focus on “Europe's leading trade fair for sports vehicles” as a pilot event: the ESSEN MOTORSHOW 2015.


The BILSTEIN trade show appearances have been professional, but so far, they have not stood out. The goal of the new trade show appearance is to reach the target group of people interested in tuners and tuning in a better, more specific and sustained way. To the point: Less passive and comprehensive product presentation. More focus on space for interaction!

Concept platform:

The BILSTEIN test drive is one of a kind. So is the Nürburgring. BILSTEIN products in the performance sector carry the label “Tested on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.” But what’s behind the label?  We made this clear to trade fair visitors in a dramatic way – with Team Driftbrothers!


Are simulators out? Is riding along a bore? Not with the virtual race taxi. Not with Team Driftbrothers. Not in the BILSTEIN 360°-4D-Co-Driver-Simulator.

The BILSTEIN 360° 4D-Co-Driver Simulator combines video, sound and movement for a total BILSTEIN driving experience. The Oculus Rift provides passengers with a 360° view, and with the interplay of the movement platform, the driving experience is virtually real – the images, sound and movement are completely synchronised!

In addition, the promotion was accompanied by advertisements and press material on the homepage and in social media and newsletters.


You have to experience a BILSTEIN suspension. The BILSTEIN 360°-4D-Co-Driver-Simulator let you do this for the first time at the BILSTEIN stand. It evolved into a crowd-puller, doubled the traffic and inspired around 1,600 visitors during the 8 days of the trade fair. In other words: It didn’t stop for a second.

Weitere Highlights: