BILSTEIN brand concept


Development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing concept as the foundation for the clear positioning and perception of the BILSTEIN brand in all relevant market segments:

  • OE
  • Series replacement
  • Improved series replacement
  • Tuning
  • Motorsport

Phase 1:
Creation of a brand personality (self-image) on the basis of a holistic analysis of the marketing image (outside image).

Phase 2:
Conception and implementation of a distinctive visual brand identity.

Phase 3:
Consolidation and preparation of content for the global roll-out.


Generate emotional identification with the BILSTEIN brand and create an authentic experience and results-oriented premium brand environment – not just in motorsport but also in all market segments.

Concept platform:

Sympathy, self-confidence, strength and dynamism are the characteristic cornerstones of the BILSTEIN brand – this is the conclusion drawn from our comparison between the brand self-image and outside image: Where do we come from? How are we perceived? And where do we want to go?

The BILSTEIN brand did not have a foundation in the classic marketing sense, but is not and was never built on sand:

  • Unaided brand awareness within the outlined market segment was over 75%. With support, everyone in this market segment would know BILSTEIN.
  • Three out of four people asked said that they perceive BILSTEIN as a “top” brand, and nearly two-thirds place BILSTEIN in the premium price segment.
  • In communication, there is slight emotional identification, but this is far below the latent possibilities in the brand and is driven solely by motorsport.
  • The BILSTEIN product program is broad and deep with an absolutely competitive cost-benefit relationship – particularly in daily series replacement.

The brand currently does not see this, which has to change in the future – a mutual challenge that we face together with BILSTEIN.

BILSTEIN has a legendary history and is today one of the most award-winning brands in chassis and shock absorption technology. The brand essence gets to the point: The perfect driving experience for every requirement.

And the consistent marketing statement urges customers to globally and confidently: Drive the legend.


People were the most important part of implementation. The heart of a BILSTEINER beats blue and yellow. And because your heart sometimes beats passionately without you even noticing it, our main job was to actively inspire the “BILSTEIN spirit”: Awareness and visibility.

BILSTEIN is a brand with personality – shaped by sympathetic builders who have been involved in the market since 1873 - and since 1954 they have not found, but built their home in the automotive world, stone by stone.

BILSTEINERs are different: In the BILSTEIN test drive, all high-performance shock absorbers, air spring modules and all sport and thread chassis are developed to perfection – by people, for people. Nobody else does that.

BILSTEINERs love individual challenges. No request is too out-there when it comes to the core expertise of shock absorption. That includes playground jungle gyms and bridge cables in the Alps, as well as the historical garage treasure that finds its way back to the road again in original form with the help of a custom BILSTEIN solution.

All of this makes BILSTEIN not only one of the most sought-after development partners in automotive production or a reliable partner for workshops, tuners and race teams, but also leaves an incredible amount of room for enthusiasm. We have used this enthusiasm with our customers to “restore” the wonderful BILSTEIN brand and give it a context that will carry it toward the future whilst doing justice to its legendary past.

The resulting Brand Guideline explains, shows, and inspires confidence in:
• The people
• The brand promise
• The brand character
• The brand essence
• The brand statement
• The brand communication
• The technologies and options
• The product categories
• And the brand design


Ad appearance before

Ad appearance before

Ad appearance after

Ad appearance after

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