Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket:
INA GearBOX introduction


Development of an international launch campaign for the INA GearBOX – the unique repair solution for car transmissions.

Complete change of strategy: In the past, a parts assortment was offered for the transmissions sector, which consisted only of Schaeffler components. This meant that the parts assortment only contained a fraction of the necessary components. The INA GearBOX for manual car transmissions offers solutions, which any workshop can use to repair any transmission. This means they have all the necessary components for the even the most difficult repairs in the BOX.



The INA GearBOX is supposed to make Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket (SAAM) come to mind at workshops as THE provider of repair solutions for transmissions.

Key messages:

The INA GearBOX contains all necessary components for the professional repair of the most common transmission problems. SAAM reveals the secrets of the transmission and offers a complete solution with the INA GearBOX. We transfer our development expertise from production into every INA GearBOX for market-driven solutions with OE quality.

Conclusion: The INA GearBOX enables workshops to professionally repair a complex product in order to leave profits to the workshop instead of third parties (such as transmission exchange providers – OES + IAM).



An integrated mix of Sell-In and Sell-Out communications materials:

  • Passionate display design: “The new taste of success.”
  • Informative sales flyer for dealers and workshops
  • Supporting sales presentation with background information and sales arguments for sales in Sell-In

Weitere Highlights: