On fishing and advertising.

At work, we avoid telling long and drawn-out stories, so we have developed a forum to eschew everything that doesn’t get straight to the point in sentences containing a subject, predicate and object: our homepage. We don’t write novels, although the following topic does have a good story behind it: How do we answer a question that people often ask: “How did you come up with the name SNOOK Frankfurt?”

It sounds good phonetically. It suggests an origin and room for growth. It works internationally. And it apparently makes people want to learn more about us. That’s it. So what’s behind it?

The story begins with Ernest Hemingway and his award-winning novel “The Old Man and the Sea” – one of the most important works of 20th-century literature.  Well... not quite, but that's not too far off. Our “old man” isn’t old, but has a lot of experience and is still physically and mentally fit. His name isn’t Santiago, it's Michael. His home isn’t Cuba, it’s Erlensee in Germany. He also didn’t struggle with an enormous Marlin, but he did share the passions of Hemingway’s protagonist: fishing, and unusual marine life.

Wait for it...  SNOOK is a fish. But not just any fish. It’s not a shark. It’s not a whale. It's not a torpedo mackerel. Rather, it is a kingfish. It’s really difficult to catch and doesn’t respond to just any bait – it’s clever and picky. It can live in fresh water or salt water, but the water has to be warm – it’s flexible and sensitive. When it hunts, it relies on the element of surprise, and the bigger it gets the bigger its prey gets – it’s quick and focused. Once you have one on the hook, which rarely happens, you need strength and endurance to reel it in – it fights but never gives up. Sure... it’s also really good grilled.

So how does the story continue? Is SNOOK Frankfurt delicious? We’ve never literally tried it, but we endorse the rest of the characteristics of a SNOOK 100%. So do our customers.

We love to worry about our customers. We start with a focus on result-oriented communication solutions and bring you across the finish line with a lot of added value. We love to react to new challenges flexibly and set out on new roads with our customers, not for the sake of doing something new but because we are pursuing a goal. And we always pursue a goal with a team of experts who know what is important and know what needs to be done! We love to have a broad overview when things get hectic and to make the impossible possible with our customers! We love to go the extra mile for our customers, to advise them, surprise and inspire them, and fight for the best results – because we love to stand out from the rest of the marketing agencies!

This digresses a little from the story, but: We love being specialized! SNOOK Frankfurt’s specialty is and will remain automobiles and dealerships. And because specialties are usually delicious, we’ve come full circle back to the grilled SNOOK.

Love what you do.