European showroom strategy for Opel


In 2010, we were commissioned by the Accessory Channel of Adam Opel AG to develop a cross-European, unified and detailed showroom strategy for the optimal presentation of accessories. A solution was needed for how to present accessories in the context of the introduction of a new vehicle in the dealership.

The unified strategy and its implementation included, amongst others, the following jobs:

  • Analysis of the actual situation at the dealership for single and multi-brand dealers
  • Competition analysis (volume manufacturers, premium manufacturers)


  • Written preparation of the strategy (SWOT, positioning, future performance)
  • Development and design of product displays, including:
  • Parts and product range planning with Business Case and sales forecast as dealer support
  • Guideline for the presentation of the top 10 accessories in the shop area
  • Guideline for presentation of accessories in the car showroom
  • Development and implementation of a professional price display system
  • Including dealer information, instructions, templates etc.
  • Based on the new CI: Development and implementation of a new packaging design for accessories and parts presented in the showroom
  • Development and implementation of a detailed dealer information package

Development and design of product displays

The “FlexDisplay

A versatile display that the dealer can set up and modify according to their exact needs. It was originally conceived of as a Commodity Parts Display, but then became THE universal parts and accessories display:

  • The four wings allow access from all sides
  • Wheels allow high mobility
  • Flexible set-up with hooks, shelves or large images


Floor-mat display.

The design of a floor-mat display with material samples at the top of the display, along with a price display system


Development and design of new packaging

Redesign of all packaging and labels for parts and accessories Examples:


Development and implementation of a price display system

Weitere Highlights: