Fiat spring campaign 2012


Development and implementation: a spring campaign for the core brands Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Jeep and Chrysler/Dodge under one communications roof, without compromising the market presence of the individual brands. Based on the full year slogan "GO!" and integrated in the 2012 marketing plan.


  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer recovery
  • Increase use of workshop
  • Better price perception by end customers
  • Professional communication of services and offers
  • Raise awareness of the topic of original parts and accessories


The market-specific key visuals were designed under the motto “finally”, which were then used for all communication channels. The campaign consisted of extensive Sell-In measures for dealers (dealer info, checklists, order forms, etc.) and targeted and attention-grabbing promotional materials for POS and active customer approach. The main part of the POS package for each brand was an 8-page customer flyer with a special spring offer for a check-up and offers in the areas of wheels & tires, accessories and merchandising. This flyer was designed for use in the car dealership as well as for sending to end customers. The campaign was rounded off by market-specific giveaways, which every customer received when they had their spring check-up done.

Other advertising materials:

  • Coupon
  • Dealer ad in newspaper
  • Counter display with inlay
  • Customer mailing
  • Poster
  • Window decal
  • Mirror decoration for customer’s car
  • Stand for the showroom
  • Web banner
  • XXL decal


The number of POS package orders by dealers exceeded expectations. The development in numbers of direct mailings for customers was also positive, since in the past they were often designed and sent on their own by individual dealerships.

Weitere Highlights: