KIA service spring campaign 2014


In 2014, Kia was once again the official main sponsor of the biggest football event in the world – the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™. It’s an event that sparks conversation and gives everyone something to talk about – something that is also true for the aftersales market and the spring 2014 seasonal campaign. Our job consisted of developing a spring campaign with supporting communications activities and sell-in and sell-out.



Enhanced communication about Kia original service with the slogan: “There’s a reason you chose the Kia brand. Stick with it. You will only find Kia original quality at Kia dealers and workshops: Parts, accessories, service – accuracy, expertise and value.”

Improvement of workshop use through additional business in the maintenance and wear area (focus: sectors II/III) and active marketing of accessories (focus: sector I).


Concept platform:

Given Kia’s primary sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™, the framework of the campaign was clearly defined. What emerged was a platform that carried the theme and placed customer benefits at the centre: In the best shape for any position – Kia change-weeks, with attractive offers at a set price!

Why have a set price?

Offer comparisons are very popular – especially comparisons made in advance or on the internet. While previously someone interested in a new car visited the dealership four times, now they only visit once. The same is true for service customers. They increasingly find their information online through shop portals or blogs. What is crucial here is not only the price but also other factors such as quality, trust and customer friendliness. What it eventually comes down to is the safety of the vehicle and its occupants.

How should dealers and workshops position themselves to meet expectations?

One study shows that service customers are only selectively sensitive to price, and place a lot of emphasis on high value and quality for repairs and inspections. The maintenance market is relatively secure with Kia’s 7-year quality guarantee – so approach repair revenue with a set-price offensive.

A set price including parts and labour without later surprises makes sense for service customers!


Conclusion: The right mix matters – aggressive offers in terms of price where customers are price sensitive, and communication of value where customers are looking for expertise and quality!



We are really going into overtime with the “in the best shape for any competition” campaign and the existing sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™: passionate and integrated, with an attractive advertising and communications mix for the B2B and B2C

target groups:

  • Extensive dealer information package, including attractive pre-order conditions, timeline and checklist for easy implementation at the dealership
  • Integrated advertising media mix for the campaign – direct, classic and focused on the aftersales sectors I and II/III.

Weitere Highlights: