Kia service heroes.
The service advisor programme for Kia Motors Germany.

Optimisation of service quality. Increasing trust. Improving the customer relationship. The demands are high – especially when it comes to customer enthusiasm. We developed a programme, together with Kia Motors Germany, putting the people who influence customer satisfaction at the centre: the Kia service consultants – the Kia service heroes!

The duty to choose.

In service consulting, interpersonal issues such as communicative skills, empathy and diplomacy as well as virtues such as reliability, punctuality and transparency are paramount.

A Kia service consultant really has to understand, apply and live Kia’s internal programmes – from the 10 steps for Kia’s service guarantee to family-like care, FLC+ and Kia WOW! The direct reception process and the specific training offered by the Kia Academy. “There is no shortage of measures and materials. Through our service consultant programme, we want to give ‘old acquaintances’ a new home and place new emphasis on everyday service. When Kia service consultants naturally observe our standards and continually receive training, “choice” is just another small but important step in the direction of customer enthusiasm. And that is our goal,” emphasised Martin van Vugt, CEO of Kia Motors Germany.


Kia service heroes. It’s inside you!

“Service consultants are the face of the dealership after someone buys a vehicle. They are responsible for customer needs from A to Z. They solve problems. They surprise and delight. They are everyday heroes – and with Kia service heroes we have created the right space to inform, motivate and value them,” said Martin van Vugt explaining the conceptual background.

Kia service heroes was presented at the dealer convention in January as a component of Kia WOW!. The official launch for the programme is in summer 2014. “All service consultants who qualify via the online questionnaire may participate in the programme. You may qualify for the service-consultant programme and participate at any time,” reported Gerd Borg, General Manager Customer Experience, who is responsible for the programme at Kia Motors Germany.

“What is important is that we have current, relevant and regular contact with Kia service consultants. The topics and the incentives inspire people to continue to participate actively,” added Thomas Hofmann, Client Service Director at SNOOK Frankfurt.


Examples of topics:

  • Direct reception sales area – from receiver to seller!
  • Merchandise presentation and price display – the customer buys what they can see!
  • Transparency is a winner – from direct reception to workshop orders and invoicing!
  • Open service events – from a seemingly bad event to a positive customer experience!
  • Warranty processing – positive for the relationship and lucrative!

The performance of Kia service consultants, for example during a training quiz, is recorded in a personal points account. “In order to increase incentives, the rankings of service consultants and their business are always transparent and can be seen at any time,” explained Gerd Borg.

If someone collects enough points, they can redeem them individually for great prizes.

Weitere Highlights: