Kia WOW!
Exceed expectations.
Excite customers.


Enthusiastic customers make the difference: Only positive customer experiences that exceed expectations lead to customer loyalty. And customer enthusiasm is a permanent job that everyone in the dealership has to work on – from reception to sales and service. Overarching and unifying processes are the basis for our joint success here.

With WOW!, Kia created a program that works from the inside out and always places customers in the centre in a structured way. Together with Kia Motors Germany, we adapted and expanded the program for the German market and the German dealer network.

“Wow, Kia really exceeded my expectations!” is the customer reaction envisioned for every single contact, and a constant increase in customer satisfaction is the strategic goal for Kia Motors Germany.



Increasing awareness of customer satisfaction in the dealership and supporting it every day with small and large events.

“Customer enthusiasm is the result of sales and service experiences that are above average,” emphasizes Ralf Ploenes, Director of Aftersales at Kia Motors Germany.


Concept platform:

Anchored in the trademark and claim:

Kia WOW! Exceed expectations. Excite customers.


With Kia Motors Germany, we adapted the international trademark and expanded it into a claim; we also concretely developed the 14 pre-defined sales and aftersales experiences for the needs of the German market. Kia WOW! extends over the entire time the vehicle is owned and creates special customer experiences for each of the phases: from initial interest and purchase to the waiting phase and vehicle delivery all the way to introduction of the dealership team and professional referral to the service area.

Loyalty and reliability are at the centre of aftersales. This means that estimates and invoices match, that content and invoices are explained and logically structured, that customers are regularly informed about the service status of their vehicle, and that they feel at ease at the Kia dealership and workshop because the atmosphere and deals are right.

Kia WOW! was introduced dramatically through multiple media at the dealer convention as a kick-off for 2013.

  • Kia continues to surprise you!
  • Kia offers a unique quality guarantee: A 7-year warranty!
  • Kia places its customers at the centre – in sales and service!
  • Kia is the fastest growing automotive brand in Germany!
  • Kia has a high-quality service network!
  • And now Kia is taking the next step: Kia WOW! Exceed expectations. Excite customers.

In the wake of the dealer convention, each business was provided with two practical work folders – one for sales and the other for aftersales. Goal: sharpen attention and get rid of areas of egoism. That’s because customer enthusiasm only happens when everyone at the dealership works together.

True to the saying “if you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk,” the various topics were also expanded so the program could be implemented quickly at dealers – this was also complemented by a competition at Kia dealerships and Kia workshops: Show what you can do! How do you excite your customers? The results became part of the “from practice to practice” idea.

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