“Prêt-a-monter”: FAG WheelDisc introduction


FAG WheelDisc is a repair solution for the axle wise exchange of brake disks with integrated wheel bearing. It is primarily used on French vehicle types and was developed in cooperation with a renowned brake-system manufacturer with OE expertise.

Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket is entering a new sector with the FAG WheelDisc, which has not yet been served. Our job consists of the development of a launch campaign including key visuals and supporting communications materials.


As a market challenger, it’s clear: FAG WheelDisc, as an axle wise repair solution for brake discs with integrated wheel bearing, has to be on the radar of decision-makers. FAG is an able partner for dealers and workshops when it comes to wheel bearings and wheel modules – people have to switch to the new product and the associated sector has to develop.

Concept platform:

We have built a testimonial for car campaigns in the context of our relaunch campaign for FAG WheelPro. The concept idea was represented again with a wink and a clear message:

Safety via an axle wise complete solution – brake disks have to be changed axle wise according to the law!
Unrestricted OE quality – via a strategic development partnership and exchange of expertise!



Mobilizing sales folder - “Prêt-à-monter! Wheel bearing expertise meets brake discs.”


Passionate display design
Informative workshop flyer
Attractive poster with programme overview
The communications materials also have a QR code, which provides the user with detailed product information.

Weitere Highlights: