Retail consulting

Do you have retail challenges that go beyond marketing? Thanks to our strategic partnership with the consultancy firm RETAIL PERFECTION GmbH, we can offer you tailored solutions in the areas of strategy, operations, expansion, human resources and integration, in addition to marketing communication. Everything is done in house and from a single source.

360° campaigns

As retail specialists that focus on the overall picture, we understand that a 360° campaign means more than adapting a motto for multiple advertising media. We use all relevant communication channels tailored to your needs on the basis of target-group analyses. We ensure that all your customers receive the right message from each of the touch points we identify. A successful 360° campaign is characterized by customers being “guided” from their homes all the way to the cash register. We would also like to guide you on your path to success.

Store concepts

The three factors for success are:

People. Product. Location.

If something is wrong with any one of these, you cannot achieve lasting success. It sounds simple and logical, but it is more difficult to carry out than you would think. We are happy to help you even before you begin developing your store concept. All relevant factors come into play when developing and implementing a store concept. What image should your store project? What kinds of experiences will inspire your target audience? How do we combine strong sales with merchandise presentation and communication that evokes emotion? How do you put on a “big show” with a small budget? We don’t just plan – we can develop stands, displays, waiting areas and sales areas, from A to Z if you want.

Store promotions

What makes a store promotion successful? Financial success, of course. When developing store promotions, it is also an advantage that we take a holistic view of retail challenges. That means we don’t just have our “advertising goggles” on (a narrow view) but also look at the whole picture (bird’s-eye view). Maybe that is one reason our promotions are also so successful when they are consistently implemented. Promotions don’t just have to be unusual, they have to look precisely at the problem and the task, and they have to look at all relevant local factors (competition, location, pricing, product, audience, local sensitivities, etc.). Promotions that operate according the motto “we’ve got a good idea” might generate some short-term attention, but really... Is that worth investing in? We like real box-office hits that are sustainable!