Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket:
“Showdown”: LuK RepSet 2CT introduction


Development of an international launch campaign for the LuK RepSet® 2CT – the unique repair solution for dry double clutches.

The LuK RepSet® 2CT is the right repair solution for an absolute innovation from LuK: the dry double clutch.

The technology for the dry clutch was developed for production by LuK in 2008 and is becoming increasingly important. By 2015, around 15 million vehicles will be equipped with a double clutch. It combines the comfort of an automatic transmission with the sporty handling of a manual transmission. The dry double clutch consists of two partial clutches and a corresponding actuator that actuates a mechanical transmission. The dry double clutch is a clutch system that is increasingly built into vehicles with medium-sized engines and into many “downsizing models” by brand-name manufacturers.

So the aftermarket potential continues to grow and grow!


The potential for growth means that the aftermarket has to deal in a more intense way with the new technology of dry double clutches and their repair.  Because not all clutch changes are equal!

Changing a dry double clutch is highly sophisticated and significantly more complex than changing a standard clutch!
The solution: the LuK RepSet® 2CT – unique across the world as a system and available exclusively in the repair market.
Conclusion: Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket doesn’t leave workshops on their own with this big challenge in terms of volume and complexity. It provides them with everything they need to increase the potential of dry double clutches!

They provide everything from detailed product information on the technology and its features to concrete assistance for repairs!
There is also a practical intensive training program for experienced expert technicians.
And there are perfectly matched specialty tools for complete repairs: from damage assessment to removal, installation and use.

Concept platform:

At the centre is a real everyday hero ready for a “showdown” with 15 million vehicles– thanks to LuK and Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket!


An integrated mix of Sell-In and Sell-Out communications materials:

Passionate display design: “Ready for a Showdown!”
Product display: “In the spotlight: LuK RepSet® 2CT.”
Informative sale flyer
Attractive poster in the style of Sergio Leone and a “fistful of dollars”– Ennio Morricone is almost audible...
The communications materials also have a QR code, which provides the user with detailed product information and an entertaining product film.

Weitere Highlights: