The art of storytelling.

Hundreds of social campaigns for large and small brands have taught us that we are all connected through stories. Real connections cannot be produced artificially. That is why we work with real characters and true stories. At Snook, we are passionately committed to letting people be heard. We complement our traditional agency approach of employing imaginative strategists and producers through a global creative network with access to local talent that cannot be found in any other agency in the world. This means we can develop campaigns that actually make a difference.

The art of dialogue.

Mutual communication between brands and customers is nothing new. We have all heard about it. But customers are demanding more now than just the opportunity to speak with the brand. The want a human face. We create momentum that goes beyond the traditional channels using a large network of opinion leaders and the ability to find the right talent for your campaign. We make a difference in the hearts and minds of the user, and ultimately develop brand ambassadors - instead of just generating more mouse clicks.

The art of measurement.

Measurements are often meaningless numbers to be juggled by the analysis team. At Snook, we believe that is just not enough to generate reliable data that reflects the actual feelings of users about the markets we work with. So we have gone a step further and now offer three levels of information about our customers.


We use a variety of tracking and automation tools that allow you to see, via integrated analysis, data that is often ignored by the majority of common instruments. We display these results in an easily understandable and appealing format that customers can read (if they so desire!). This allows you to track your earlier campaigns constantly, while we suggest improvements to any campaign we are working on together.


Purchasing decisions are largely made on the basis of emotions towards a product or a brand. We buy on the basis of emotions and justify the decisions with logic. At Snook, we measure the emotional impact of campaigns and the changes in behaviour towards the brands with which we are working. This allows for a more precise reflection of the impact of a campaign. It simultaneously opens new opportunities for marketing and PR and provides guidance for future strategies.


We develop campaigns so that they create interactions that build relationships. That is why we decided to measure the success of our contribution by the contacts we build with your brand. Our campaigns often attract opinion makers, brand collaboration and well-known press. All of this improves your brand status, makes people talk about you, and generates more interest in the brand. When it comes to effective ways to promote business, you can hardly beat good relationships.